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GTM operates with all standard types of containers and trailers for transport and storage of all kinds of gases. Products like Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogene, Helium, Ethylene, Hydrogen, Carbone Dioxid, Methyl Chloride, Propane and Butylene are on our standard agenda. From low weight Cryo Aluminium trailers up to Argon optimized Maxiload Cryolight long range containers with pump and flowmeter to the individual bottle flat for special gases. We provide the tailor made solution for any demand.

Container T75

Double shell with vacuum insulation
Pressure range 4–17 bar
Optimized payloads for 27 to Argon
Pump and calibrated flowmeter (optional)
Holding times up to 75 days for long distance transports


Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Ethylene, Methane, Helium, Hydrogen, Carbone Dioxid

Container T50

Single shell pressure tank with sun shield for pressurized gases:

Buten 1
Trimethylamin, Dimethylamin
Methyl chloride
Ethyl chloride
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